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Entertainment is an activity designed to give people pleasure or relaxation . An audience may participate in the entertainment passively as in watching opera or is an activity designed to give people pleasure or relaxation .

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Did Jay-Z Just Announce Beyoncé’s Second Pregnancy?
The Jay and Bey were performing in Paris for the final stop of their " On The Run " stadium tour, an event that even Nicki Minaj couldn't stay away from , when Hova allegedly changed the lyrics to one of his song " Beach Is Better ." In question is the line "I replace it with another one," which many claim to have heard as "Cause she's pregnant with another one." Check out the Instagram , which has been the key piece of evidence for the theory thus far.

Mel Brooks honored on 40th anniversary of "Young Frankenstein"
The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences honored legendary director Mel Brooks with a special showing of the film "Young Frankenstein" for the 40th anniversary of its release. Duration: 01:24

U2 Releases First Studio Album In 5 Years At Apple Event — It's Free
Apple has found what it's looking for: a partnership with U2 at Tuesday's Apple event. In an unconventional music deal, Bono and the band are teaming up with the tech giant to release new material, U2's first studio album in five years. U2 announced the album, Songs of Innocence , Tuesday after performing a new single from it. Then, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Bono released it for free on iTunes , exclusively for Apple until mid-October.

Reese Witherspoon shows her 'wild' side
Actress Reese Witherspoon admits that her role as Cheryl Strayed was one she was desperate to work on, as there are not many strong female roles in Hollywood.

NSFW: Miley Cyrus Dares To Go Bare At New York Fashion Week
Miley Cyrus has shown her tame side lately (remember her mature look at the MTV Video Music Awards ?), but it doesn't mean she's going to stop having fun. On Saturday, the singer let loose at Alexander Wang's Secret After Party to celebrate the star-studded New York Fashion Week. Donning pants, two tiny pasties that look like ice cream cones, and not much else, Miley left little to the imagination as she partied with pals on the dance floor.

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